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Jamar James
Dear friend,

I’d like to give you - for free - the actual trading plan I use at Ole Trading Group to trades large amounts of crypto.  Managing large amounts of Bitcoin, can become difficult, so I normally never take money out of the market.   In fact, on our strategy session we'll go over the exact methods that produced over $21,000 in less than 7  days on one play.   

How would you like if I challenged you to walk through the 7 day trading strategy, and at the completion,  I sent you a 4 night and 5 day vacation, just for completing the 7 day challenge, for free?   

If you want to start withdrawing profits out and take it to the next level,  this information will be priceless and help you avoid tons of costly mistakes.

Completion of the 7 day challenge, I will show you exactly what we are planning for in the upcoming months.  

We'll walk you through what tools we use to analyze the markets, how to check for volume, and how to use stop losses and still profit. 

And we’re going to provide you all the materials in the 7 day challenge.  You will get access to all material in the Facebook group and additional bonuses and perks.  On top of the materials being provided, at completion of the challenge, those who successfully complete, will get a personal strategy session with Master Trader.

The Free 7 Day Trading Challenge With My Office Will Be The Best “Free” Thing You Get All Year... We are extremely limited with time, so at any moment we can close this offer --- so act quick!
What Nick has to say...
"I consider Jamar a mentor of mine. After seeing him and his teams commitment to building out the trading desk at Ole Trade Group,  I am happy to now be a funded trader,  partnering with Ole Trading Group, to launch my career in trading. If you are ever looking for a mentor to follow, someone that actually trades, then I suggest  more than anything, to hire Jamar James and the staff of Ole Trading Group.  Jamar James is someone that you need to listen to."

- Nick Henderson, Ole Trader
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